#StillProviding: Exercise and Sports Science Major Brooke Lonergan Works Toward Lifelong Dream

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a physical therapist,” said Brooke Lonergan, a junior from Grand Haven, Michigan. A member of Barton’s women’s lacrosse team, Brooke was recruited by four colleges to play lacrosse. “I came from a large high school with a small town feel,” said Brooke. “I chose to come to Barton almost on a whim. I was prepared for the small-town feel of Wilson but was surprised and so happy about the close knit nature of our small campus. I love the closeness I have found with my classmates and my professors,” she said.  “I am so happy I chose Barton, it is really the best place for me.”

Brooke is majoring in exercise science because she loves the discipline and it gives her the opportunity to fulfill the prerequisites she needs for graduate school in physical therapy. Beyond that she’s also planning summer internships. “I have an internship lined up this summer in Cape Coral, Florida,” said Brooke. “I am fortunate to have an opportunity to go work at a highly ranked physical therapy clinic there.” Brooke says she also is looking for a second internship for the summer because graduate schools like to see experience in a variety of settings.

Brooke says it’s been a weird spring semester but she is getting accustomed to the remote learning that Barton students are engaged, necessitated by the Coronavirus global pandemic. “I am doing fine with my classes,” she said. “And I talk to my friends everyday by text and social media.” In addition to playing lacrosse, Brooke is an RA. “I keep in regular contact with the residents from my floor to make sure they are doing well too,” she said. 

While she’s staying close to home these days, last summer, Brooke had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece. She and two other students stayed on a campus in a residential area of Athens. They were able to take excursions to more remote parts of the country though. “We went on a camping trip near some water,” she said. “I jumped off a waterfall, it was amazingly beautiful.”

Brooke says the scholarships she’s received are helping her get the most out of her time at Barton. Brooke is the recipient of the Dale and Genia Bone Scholarship and the Cloyd-Hendrix Memorial Physical Education Scholarship. “These scholarships are having a huge impact on my goals now and in the future,” she said. “They are giving me the opportunity to be able to pursue my dreams.”