Dr. Mike Fukuchi was a beloved teacher and mentor and a quiet philanthropist.

For so many in the Barton community, Dr. Mike Fukuchi was a symbol of what is special and unique about the College. As a member of Barton’s English faculty since 1981, Dr. Fukuchi had been a fixture on the Barton College campus for nearly 40 years. When he passed away unexpectedly this winter, we came together to share stories of his impact on our lives. The common theme that emerged from those stories was that Dr. Fukuchi was devoted to Barton and its people. He was a scholar committed to learning and teaching and his quiet generosity left an imprint on many generations of Barton students. True to form, Dr. Fukuchi made plans during his lifetime to ensure that he would leave a legacy of support and generosity in perpetuity for Barton College by using a gift from his estate to create the Takashi and Yoshiko Fukuchi Memorial Scholarship Endowment. 

During his life, Dr. Fukuchi was passionate about ensuring that Barton College provide a rigorous and valuable English education. His longtime colleague and friend Dr. Rebecca Godwin says that’s why he wanted the Fukuchi Scholarship to be awarded to an English major with a strong academic record. “Mike taught classes on topics like Chaucer, Old English and the Bible as Literature. He was central to a solid English degree at Barton for decades,” she said. “He was very committed to Barton’s keeping a strong English major.”  

By planning ahead to make a generous gift in his estate to establish the Takashi and Yoshiko Fukuchi Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Fukuchi has provided an opportunity for future Barton students to immerse themselves in their English degree programs. 

The inaugural Takashi and Yoshiko Fukuchi Memorial Scholarship award will be made for the fall semester. The work of each of the future recipients will extend his legacy of scholarship and generosity for countless generations.

To learn more about creating a legacy for Barton using planned giving, contact Tom Maze at tmaze@barton.edu or 252-399-6533.