Dear Friends,

Barton College has allowed me many opportunities to grow as a person and as a qualified professional, many opportunities that I would not have received at another institution. At Barton, I have been given avenues to grow spiritually, culturally, expand my political knowledge and tools to obtain valuable internships in the path to a successful career. I believe that much of life is about relationships, and Barton College has put truth to that. My relationships with professors, coaches, staff, and classmates are relationships that I will carry with me wherever I go personally and professionally. I will always be proud of the relatively small school which I attended, and will always be proud to be a Barton College Bulldog.

That being said, coming from a single parent home, I would not be able to attend Barton College without the generosity of the Whitehurst Honors Program. I was lucky enough to compete for and win their largest scholarship, which has made Barton a possibility for me. I have also received other one-time awards that have not only lessened the burden of the cost of attendance at Barton but also reinforced the positive view that I have of Barton College and how they look out for students. Not being able to attend Barton College would mean that I would probably become another statistic among minorities in the U.S. that cannot receive higher education and work minimum wage jobs. However, thanks to Barton College and scholarships, I now have a much greater chance of succeeding.


Omar Gonzalez