Dear Friends of Barton,

My name is Asia Robinson and I am a sophomore business student at Barton College. Having the opportunity to go to such an exquisite school has forever impacted my life. Barton College is not only an institute where I can grow professionally and academically; it is a family and it is home. All of this was made possible because of the generosity and consideration from you. Although we may not connect daily, you are part of the Barton family and my own family.

I am involved in various organizations throughout campus that I hold very dear to me. I am the Assistant Orientation Coordinator, a member of the finance committee for SGA, committee chair of Events and Activities for the Student Philanthropy Society, and I was also a Peer Leader this past semester.

The Barton experience that has been made available to me is impeccable and BOLD. I have grown and surpassed any goals I set because of the love and support of Barton College. A million thank you’s would not measure the amount of gratitude I have for you. This was made possible by you.


Asia Robinson