Executive Committee

President Kathy Turner, ’12

First Vice President Amy Denton, ’94

Second Vice President (Vacant until 2022)

Secretary Morgan Blackman Williford, ’14

Campus Representatives

Addison Meinhardt – Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Dr. Kevin Pennington – Faculty/Staff Representative

Leslie Wellendorf – Student Government Association (SGA) Representative

Board Members

2022 Term

Laura Blackmon

Jay Hinton

Leah Farmer Bissette

Charlene Blackburn

Howard Fleming

Reba Roberson Fulghum

Meredith Pope Fychok

Omar Gonzalez

Nancy Little Owens

Cedrick Parris

Harold Williams

Morgan Blackman Williford

2023 Term

Pamela Armstrong

Gentry Buchan

Gary Hall

Zeb Whitehurst

2024 Term

Mary Norman Hales

James Proctor

Carlos Mercer

Yvette Bottoms Richardson

Rebecca Howard

Carla Daniels

Bryan Cannon

Fred Claridge

The reason I joined the Alumni Board was to give back to the institution that has been so instrumental in my own personal growth and development. Growing up off campus and interacting with the College community at an early age it seemed like a natural fit. After getting both my bachelors and masters degrees in business from Barton I knew I wanted to be of service any way I could to all past, present, and future Bulldogs. I wanted to go beyond alumni giving and be present and active within the College community. I look forward to connecting with our College family and build lasting relationships with Alumni and Students as well as Faculty and Staff that will contribute to Bold growth and development for future Bulldogs.

Bryan Cannon, '07/'18

I love Barton College. It changed my life and set me on a path for which I will be forever grateful. Our alma mater represents hope, learning, and discovery...and for me, family. Here, I made lifelong friends and received a superior education that became the solid foundation of my professional life. I learned so much, and I am indebted for all that the college provided to me...and continues to do. I am proud to serve on the Alumni Board and am so honored to be able to give back through the countless volunteer opportunities offered.

Rebecca Howard, '93

Questions or inquiries

Addison Meinhardt, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

alumni@barton.edu | (252) 399-6383