The Fund for Barton

Your annual gift benefits every Bulldog, every day! As the College’s larges source of funds, The Fund for Barton allows Barton College to maintain its margin of excellence by enriching our student’s classroom experience, enhancing campus safety, furthering faculty development, investing in new technologies and providing necessary operating support. 

The Fund for Barton is broken down into three separate classifications. The Unrestricted Annual Fund, The General Scholarship Fund, and Program Specific Enhancement Funds. The Flexibility provided by the Fund for Barton allows administrators to strategically address emerging needs in all areas of the College, take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they arise, and support the overall financial aid model at the College which ranges from $16-19 Million dollars at any given time. Most people do not know that tuition only covers 50-60% of the actual cost for a student to attend the College. The Fund for Barton plays a large role in bridging the gap. 

Supporting the Fund for Barton is an investment in the future of Barton College. We invite you to be a part of the success in the lives of our students. 

Fund for Barton: Impact

General FAQ's

Monthly giving is an optional method of supporting Barton College where a certain dollar amount set by the donor to a set fund is drafted each month on either the 1st or 15th of the month (donor preference).

To accomplish this, click “give now” from the menu options. Once you are on the giving page, input the dollar amount and area of designation that you prefer. Then click the “make this a recurring gift” check box and use the drop down box to select “monthly” and then whether you prefer the 1st or 15th of each month. Once the billing payment and address is finalized and you click donate, your monthly gift will be activated within the College’s system. You are not required to do anything else unless you wish to change or update your monthly plan. If you wish to designate a monthly gift to multiple areas, please repeat the above process for each designated gift.

Monthly Giving Chart Examples

  • $8.33 per month = $100
  • $20 per month = $240 
  • $50 per month = $600
  • $83.33 per month = $1,000

Yes! In fact, consistent giving is so important that Barton created a giving society to honor its most loyal donors. Donors who have supported the College in consecutive years are recognized as members of the Bell Society. Consistent giving is the cornerstone of the College’s success!

A multi-year pledge can help you keep track of your giving, support the long term philanthropic road map at the College and be a part of the sustained financial health of Barton College.

The deadline to ensure that your gift is counted in a given academic year is June 30.

To learn more about the Fund for Barton, please contact Kelly Taranto, CFRE, at or 252-399-6517
Kelly Taranto
Director of Development and Corporate Partnerships