What is the Annual Fund?

Gifts to the Annual Fund help make extraordinary experiences possible at Barton College. Every gift to the Annual Fund matters and makes a difference, especially to the students who turn to Barton for an outstanding education. Each year, alumni, students, parents, and friends choose to support everything from softballs to software at Barton. These gifts are then deployed to fund student and faculty research, provide emergency student assistance, pay for travel to academic conferences, and lots more throughout the year.

When you give to the Annual Fund, you and fellow donors are providing a much-needed section of the College’s operating budget. All your favorite things about Barton are available for today’s students to experience because people like you have supported the Annual Fund year after year. You can invest in today’s Barton by making your gift to the Annual Fund now.


Is it really that important to support the Annual Fund every year?

Yes! In fact, consistent giving is so important that Barton created a giving society to honor its most loyal Annual Fund donors. Donors who have supported the Annual Fund for five or more consecutive years are recognized as members of the Bell Society. Consistent giving is the cornerstone of the Annual Fund’s success. Membership in this giving society is renewable annually.


Why should I consider a multi-year pledge?

A multi-year pledge can help you keep track of your giving, cut down on annual solicitations, and ensure that you continue to support the Annual Fund each and every fiscal year.


When is the deadline for making a gift?

Each year’s Annual Fund campaign ends on June 30.


What is a leadership gift at Barton?

All Barton supporters take seriously the College’s ambition to be counted among North Carolina’s best, and some donors decide to make Barton a priority. Barton College has established a number of leadership gift clubs to recognize its top Annual Fund donors. Membership is renewable annually and is based on Annual Fund gifts made or facilitated by an individual and his/her spouse. Learn more about Leadership Giving Societies.


Make your Annual Fund gift today!