Student Scholarships

Student success stories unfold every year at Barton College because of scholarships. 98% of full-time students receive some type of financial aid assistance. By establishing a scholarship, you provide a fundamental, ongoing gift that will provide tuition relief for qualified and deserving students. Scholarship donors allow ambitious and gifted students to fulfill their goal of a college education.

Endowed Scholarships

The minimum for establishing an endowed scholarship at Barton is $50,000. The donor has the unique opportunity to design the scholarship in a way that best fits his/her personal interests and priorities. In normal economic times, the College draws five percent from our scholarship endowments to fund annual scholarship awards. This draw is governed by the Board of Trustees policy in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Annually Funded Scholarships

Establishing an annually funded scholarship is an option for donors who want to support student scholarship but are unable to make the upfront gift required to endow one. Rather than draw against endowed funds, the donor commits to making an annual gift in order to fund the scholarship while retaining the unique opportunity to design it in a way that best fits his/her personal interests and priorities. In order to provide an award sufficient to be of significant assistance to a student with their studies, a minimum annual gift of $1000 is required.



Interested in Establishing a Scholarship?

To learn more about how to establish and endow a scholarship at Barton College, please contact Tom Maze at 252-399-6533 or