Planned Giving

  • Carolyn Harmon

    Carolyn L. Harmon

    Senior Advisor to the President and Director of Planned Giving 252-399-6358
    To learn more about Planned Giving, contact Carolyn L. Harmon, Senior Advisor to the President and Director of Planned Giving.

Your Planned Giving Options

You can leave a specific gift or percentage of your total estate in your will to Barton College and specify the purposes you want these monies to serve. Your generosity enables you to leave a legacy, to help future Barton students, and to improve the quality of our institution.

A Current Will

  • Insures that your property is distributed according to your wishes
  • Allows flexibility in carrying out your wishes
  • Fully deductible from estate taxes
  • Not irrevocable, may be adjusted as circumstances dictate

Charitable Gift Annuity

  • Provides a fixed income for life for yourself and perhaps one other person based on age
  • Considerable tax-saving consequences
  • Remainder transferred to Barton upon death

Charitable Lead Trust

  • Enhances your ability to make larger gifts to Barton College
  • Trust pays selected amount of income to charity for predetermined number of years
  • Preserves assets for your family
  • Reduces your taxable income
  • Reduces your estate tax

Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Trust provides flexible investment
  • A significant charitable deduction is realized
  • Capital gains tax is eliminated
  • Your trust is professionally managed
  • Trust pays selected percentage of at least 5% income for life
  • Remainder of Trust transferred to Barton at death

Life Insurance

  • By naming Barton College as the owner and beneficiary, you are entitled to charitable deductions
  • Funds are paid to Barton upon death and are removed from estate
  • May be an inexpensive way to replace the value of another gifted asset
  • Names Barton irrevocable owner and beneficiary

Living Trust

  • The provisions are fully revocable and amendable at any time
  • You name the beneficiary of the income of the trust
  • The remainder goes to those you have named
  • You name the trustee

Retained Life Interest

  • Gift of personal residence or farm
  • Continue to stay in your residence for life
  • Immediate deduction for present value of remainder
  • You may gift a segment of your property and still receive charitable deductions
  • Home used or sold at death by college

Retirement Plan

  • Fully deductible from estate tax
  • Barton receives assets of retirement plan
  • Avoids income tax

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