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In the Know: New Academic Schools Structure

This summer, Barton College will launch four new Schools composed of academic programs that share disciplinary content, mission, and commitment to student learning. Through the new Schools, academic programs will be aligned in a way that will foster synergies between existing majors and create a foundation for new programs that are distinctive and innovative. Each of the Schools will be led by an administrative dean who will extoll a vision for their School that aligns with the mission of the College, advances Barton’s profile, enhances enrollment and funding opportunities, and enables students to learn deeply and think creatively. Below are the new schools as part of this new strategic realignment:

School of Arts & Humanities: Embodying the College’s Liberal Arts tradition and serving as the home of the Colleges’ Cultural Arts, the School of Arts & Humanities offers programs that develop the critical, creative, cultural, and communication skills of our students…skills that foster meaning, define purpose, and enhance employability. Academic programs include: Art & Design, English, History, Interdisciplinary Arts & Media, Mass Communications, Mass Communications Studies, Mathematics, Photojournalism Religious Studies w/ Emphasis in Judaism and Christianity, Political Science, and Visual Communications

School of Business & Innovation: Espousing a sense of entrepreneurship, the School of Business & Innovation prepares students to be leaders…be it as healthcare administrators, in the fields of sport or entertainment, or as strategic leaders of business. Academic programs include: Business Administration Healthcare Administration, Master of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership, and Sport Management.

School of Education & Social Sciences Driven by a sense of service, students in the School of Education& Social Sciences seek to serve others as educators, as social workers, through work with an aging population, or through understanding factors and developing programs that reduce the impact of crime and enhance safety. The School of Education & Social Sciences also offers a vibrant online Residency Licensure program for classroom teachers. Academic programs include: Aging Studies Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Educational Studies, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, Master of Education, Masters of School Administration, Master of Science, Criminology & Criminal Justice Sciences, Social Studies w/ Teacher Licensure, Social Work, Special Education, TA to Elementary Teacher, and TA to Special Education Teacher.

School of Health Sciences: Through active learning, mentorship with faculty, and a curricular and co-curricular focus on community service and rural healthcare, graduates from the School of Health Sciences will be uniquely prepared to address local and regional health and wellness needs. Academic programs include: Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Master of Science in Kinesiology, Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing, and Psychology.

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