Strategic Priorities

Our strategic initiatives are critical to allowing us to meet the expanding needs of a post-pandemic workforce and society. Barton College relies on your support to help us advance strategic priorities that benefit our students, faculty, alumni, and programs. Whether for brick and mortar projects or scholarship support, your outright, pledged, or gifts made in perpetuity through our endowment are critical to moving us forward.

Academics & Scholarships

Scholarships pave the way for our students to embrace the full Barton Experience. Unrestricted, needs-based scholarships are our highest priority and gifts to this can be made through the Fund for Barton – General Scholarship Fund, providing us the most flexibility to ensure your investment gets put to immediate use in support of students’ most pressing needs. 

In addition to scholarships, we are also seeking support for specific academic programs. Major gifts that impact academics will aid strategic growth in advancing our mission and ensuring we can meet the needs of North Carolina and beyond.

Capital Projects

If you have not been to campus recently, we invite you to come visit! We are always looking at ways to enhance our mission, and that includes physical enhancements. Please contact our office for current priorities.


An endowment gift makes a long-lasting impact on Barton College. These gifts are invested and managed carefully so that they will grow over time. Each year a portion of the endowment’s earnings are distributed for the donor’s chosen purpose, while the corpus continues to grow in perpetuity. The permanence of such a gift is powerful. Endowments are a force multiplier for charitable giving, impacting countless students over time. Named endowed funds are a meaningful way to create a legacy in one’s own name or to pay tribute to family members, friends, mentors, teachers, or special people in one’s life.

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