The Barton Endowment

A strong endowment is one of the best sustaining qualities of a great college and the earnings produce valuable resources in support of scholarships, designated programs, professorships, buildings, and campus initiatives. Barton College’s endowment has grown substaintially in recent years with the total market value as of June 30, 2021, at $33.5 million – the highest ever.

You have the unique opportunity to establish a named fund of your choosing in support of any area or department on campus. Alumni and friends often use this tool to memorialize or honor someone special or to ensure their name is woven into the fabric of Barton forever. Established endowments provide funds annually in support of student scholarship and to ensure great programs continue in perpetuity.

Minimum Thresholds to Establish an Endowment at Barton College


Provides for top-level scholarly support with one of the Colleges existing schools. This fund will be used in consultation with the Provost and respective Dean for general academic purposes within the school, including but not limited to faculty activity, recruiting, and retaining top-tier faculty student research and scholarships, programmatic needs, study abroad, community engagement, visiting lectures, and equipment enhancements.


Provides support to a range of uses, including but not limited to a salary and related expenses, research and scholarship, instructional programs, community engagement, professional development and strategic programs related within a particular school or department.


Provides support to a faculty member with the rank of full professor to support teaching, instructional programs, research, public service, and may supplement salary and benefits. 


Provides support to a specific area for its general purposes, including but not limited to teaching, professional development, lectureships, equipment, and student programming. 


Much like an endowed professorship, a coaching endowment recognizes a coach’s hard work, exceptional ability, and dedication to the overall well-being of the student-athletes. This fund can help underwrite a salary and benefits and provide resources for that position both now and in the future.


Provides support to a faculty member to support teaching, instructional programs, research, public service, and may support salary and benefits.


Provides for top-level support for areas within Barton College that benefit the overall well-being of the campus community. This fund will be used for general support purposes to include but not limited faculty and staff activity, student research and scholarships, programmatic needs, study abroad, community engagement, visiting lectures, equipment enhancements, and public relations. 


Overseen by the President and Provost, the fund supports new, exciting, and innovative ideas across campus to enrich the academic and campus experience. The fund helps to promote innovation in the classroom, the co-curriculum, or the operations of the College. 


Provides support for research activities within a department and can also help with costs to attend conferences and seminars to obtain the latest methods and best practices within higher education.


Provides annual flexibility for the President and Senior Staff to be used where needed most appropriate.


Provides for annual maintenance and upkeep for buildings and grounds across the Barton College campus.


Provides student research, technology enhancements, publication, or presentation expenses separate from tuition costs.


Provides for a designated NCAA Division II team’s postseason, invitational, or international team travel, equipment purchases, recruiting expenses, and general team support.


Provides for students who pursue international programs as part of the Barton College experience.  Funds help to cover tuition costs, study materials, transportation and insurance, and extracurricular activities.


Provides for tuition assistance to an undergraduate full-time student based on need, merit, or other criteria set forth and mutually agreeable between the donor and Barton College.

An endowment gift makes a long-lasting impact on Barton College. Named endowment funds are a meaningful way to create a legacy in one’s own name or to pay tribute to family members, friends, mentors, teachers, or special people in one’s life.

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