Planned Gifts

Leaving a legacy at Barton College is a way to ensure you make a lasting impact in the life of our campus and our students. These gifts can support academics, scholarships, student programming, and athletics. Planning your future giving could be as simple as adding a line item to your will or adding Barton as a beneficiary to your trust. Below are opportunities available to assist you in achieving a desired outcome and more importantly make a lasting difference in the future of the College.

Your Planned Giving Options

  • Ensures that your property is distributed according to your wishes
  • Allows flexibility in carrying out your wishes
  • Fully deductible from estate taxes
  • Not irrevocable, may be adjusted as circumstances dictate
  • Provides a fixed income for life for yourself and perhaps one other person based on age
  • Considerable tax-saving consequences
  • Remainder transferred to Barton upon death
  • Enhances your ability to make larger gifts to Barton College
  • Trust pays selected amount of income to charity for a predetermined number of years
  • Preserves assets for your family
  • Reduces your taxable income
  • Reduces your estate tax
  • Trust provides flexible investment
  • A significant charitable deduction is realized
  • Capital gains tax is eliminated
  • Your trust is professionally managed
  • Trust pays selected percentage of at least 5% income for life
  • Remainder of Trust transferred to Barton at death
  • By naming Barton College as the owner and beneficiary, you are entitled to charitable deductions
  • Funds are paid to Barton upon death and are removed from the estate
  • May be an inexpensive way to replace the value of another gifted asset
  • Names Barton irrevocable owner and beneficiary
  • The provisions are fully revocable and amendable at any time
  • You name the beneficiary of the income of the trust
  • The remainder goes to those you have named
  • You name the trustee
  • Gift of personal residence or farm
  • Continue to stay in your residence for life
  • Immediate deduction for present value of the remainder
  • You may gift a segment of your property and still receive charitable deductions
  • Home used or sold at death by college
  • Fully deductible from estate tax
  • Barton receives assets of the retirement plan
  • Avoids income tax

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